Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Book Review 1 - Why We Broke

The contrasting, intelligent, and completely unlike your typical teenage girl, Minerva Green, is breaking up with Ed Slaterton, the math-loving and irresistible co-captain of the basketball team. Why We Broke Up is told from the perspective of high-school student ‘Min’ as she writes Ed a bittersweet letter. The letter weaves you through the controversial relationship of ‘Min’ and Ed, explaining, in rich detail, every little thing that went wrong in their relationship, and especially what went right. Inside the box she is dumping on her ex-boyfriend’s doorstep is a series of items that played their own personal role, big or small, in the tragic ending to their unforgettable love. Why We Broke Up is a poignant tale of first love, loss, and facing reality.
David Handler uses his penetrating writing to weave through the heartbreaking, bittersweet, and compelling romance of two utterly opposite and love-struck teenagers, and why they broke up. Why We Broke Up is a character-driven novel of such remarkable talent that it makes you feel for the characters, drop into their skin and walk around in their shoes. Handler pulls you right into the controversial lives of the 'Min' and Ed. Written with such an emotional depth that allows both adult and teen readers to revisit memories of heartbreak and find pieces of themselves in Min, and maybe even Ed, Why We Broke Up will leave you wondering how Handler knows exactly what it's like to be a teenage girl in love. This novel can’t help but make you recall your own past, first “loves”, stupidity, mistakes, and school traumas. Why We Broke Up will make you laugh, cry, and smile. 

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  1. Grace you did a great job with your summary paragraph and set the right tone for the reader. You had me interested in the book by the time I finished reading your summary. You used really descriptive language and made your review even more powerful. Your critique gives the reader the information they needed about the book as it has several elements present which made it strong. Good Job! :)