Thursday, 31 January 2013

Responding Book Review 2 ( ~ Someone like you by Sarah Dessen )

This was without a doubt a very well written book review for Someone Like You by Sarah Dessan, although I did have my own personal disagreements and thoughts towards the novel. Quinn’s book review was clearly thought out and included some of the major key factors from the novel. At one point in the review she says, “The theme of this book is how to deal with growing up. Halley has to deal with a lot of grown up things and she is having difficulty with this new challenge because she is still a teenager.” I disagree with this statement. I found that the theme of this novel was coming of age and discovering who you are in a world full of obstacles and disputes. Although I do partially agree that growing up plays a part throughout the novel and really helps it unfold. To me, growing up was the minor backbone of the novel. A statement she says that I completely agree with is, “I think that everything in this book is great advice to any teenager on the verge of being an adult.” I agree with this point entirely. I, as well as Quinn, came across little hidden snippets of advice Dessen was hinting on to readers throughout the novel. This is definitely a novel in which you really take something personal from and hold with you after finish reading it.
            Someone like you is a beautifully written coming of age novel. It was overflowing with vivid characters. One character that was the “diamond in the rough” to me,
personally, was Macon Faulkner. To me, Macon was endlessly evolving throughout the novel. He was most definitely a dynamic character, and this is something Quinn had not included in either of her paragraphs. I found that all of the characters in the novel were very easy to connect to and this led to me. I often found myself dropping into their shoes and walking around in their world. Another key aspect to the novel that she did not write about was setting. Most of the novel took place in the neighborhood of Halley and Scarlett, and at their public high school. Some other places that were briefly spoken of included “Sister Camp”, the house of Ginny Tabor and Milton’s Market. Each of these locations were vividly described and played a very large part in the novel. Although this was an all-around good novel, I did have some dislikes. During several bits and pieces throughout the novel, I found Dessen’s writing to be a bit childish and raw. I think this could possibly be because I have read some more harder-to-read novels in the past and therefore I’ve grown used to that style of writing. With this being said, I would recommend this novel to twelve to fifteen year olds who like an easy, girly read. But all in all, I would say that my peer Quinn did a good job of analyzing and reviewing the novel. 


  1. First of all, I would like that I love your blog, it's very serene! After looking through your blog, I noticed that many of your reviews and other posts are focused on literature with a "romance" theme. I was wondering what drew you to this types of literature and literary pieces?

    The content of your reviews is beautifully written- your word choices are very descriptive and mature, which enhanced all of your reviews (more specifically when you explain how you reacted to certain literary elements).

    Overall, great work! I look forward to seeing more posts :)

  2. Hi grace, I really like the layout of your blog, the background wallpaper really enhances the overall quality of your blog. I really like your wording in your posts, you take the writing to a whole new level, and again really enhances your blog. I also really like how you really question the other reviews, you really take your own perspective into your reviews. Appose to just saying you agree with everything. But I have a question how to you come up with such cleaver things for your listperation challenges? I would never of thought of something as clever as to do quotes from your favorite books. Anyways I really like your blog, I can't wait for more posts!

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