Thursday, 31 January 2013

Responding Book Review ( ~ Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater )

Shiver was, without a doubt, a very well-written novel, and I can easily say the same about my peer, Lauren’s, review on it. Although there were some points I disagree with, one of which being when Lauren says, “Grace is a very sweet character that you tend to like the minute you read about her. Her innocence is very affable and she has such a pleasant aura surrounding her.” I disagree with this statement. To me, Grace was a very predictable character, and was quite a bore. She was your typical heroine. At times, it was almost as if she was too perfect. Stiefavater in the novel, and Lauren in her book review, described Grace as humorous, sweet, clever and undeniably likeable, but there are no cons said about her. Everyone has flaws, and I believe that book characters, in order to be realistic, should also have flaws, so they can be more relatable. Other than that, I agree with what she stated. In another section of the review, Lauren mentioned theme. “The theme of this book is the fight for love, Sam fighting to be human and Grace fighting to keep him that way.” I agree with what she said here. The novel weaves through different struggles both Grace and Sam have to go through, but in the end they always find a way to fight against all odds, and I believe it is all for love.
Overflowing with action, witty dialogue and bittersweet surprises at the turn of every page, Shiver is the type of novel that you will not be able to put down. I would recommend this read to young adult readers that have a knack for supernatural creatures and mushy teenage romances. In Shiver, there are a series of stock characters that all play their own little part as the backbone of the love-struck teenagers Grace, the courageous and understanding girl next door, and Sam, the sometimes wolf, sometimes human teenage heartthrob. And to me, these stock characters all helped define the hero and heroine even better. As I stated earlier, I was very fond of this novel, but I did find some dislikes of my own. At times, I found the perspective change between Sam and Grace that alternated from chapter to chapter slightly confusing at times. One minute the climax would be at its highest peak yet, Sam, as a wolf, being deserted in the midst of the woods in the middle of the night, and the next thing you know it is back to an ordinary afternoon where Grace was in the middle of trigonometry class. Also, with these perspective changes, I found that the personalities, thoughts and mindset of the two were too similar at times. Other than this, I thoroughly enjoyed this action-packed read and I recommend it to all of you reading this!

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  1. I really liked this review! I do agree with you that sometimes Grace can be boring. I would have loved to see some more literary elements, but it was really good! I love how you write, your words flow so easily, i struggle with this, so awesome job! i was wondering, are you planning on reading the second book?