Monday, 15 April 2013

Individual Post 2

Hi! This is my second individual post regarding my recently started novel study. Thus far, I have read the opening to the book. So much has happened already! Most characters are already round, the setting has been beautifully described, and so much more. One thing I found very intriguing was how the time of the novel is very unpredictable at this point in the novel. Throughout the first and second chapters, the author, Nancy Farmer, hinted at little snippets of activities and hobbies from our present day society such as cross word puzzles and colouring books, although cloning is happening in the society within the book, which most certainly does not take place in ours and I assume it will not anytime soon. At this point, I can also inference that the novel takes place in a parallel universe or world. But the setting of the novel is in-between Mexico and the United States. Unless this other universe has both of those locations, I can assume that inference is invalid. So in order to find the answer to this question I guess I'll just have to keep reading.
Another point in the novel that spiked my interest was how differently young Maria (human), who is the same age as Matt (clone), saw him and understood him in such a drastically different way than adults and older children did. This made me wonder if at the end of the novel, the people of this society will learn to see and understand the population of clones through the innocent eyes of a child. In this society, could children be more logical than adults? I personally believe that this would be an amazing way to end the novel.
I also noticed that the theme of the novel has not yet been established or even remotely hinted at, in my opinion at least. Thus far, the novel can turn in any direction regarding what is going to happen next. It's no unpredictable! I love it! I'm very excited to discover the theme, and once I do, I will let all of you know how I perceived it.
These were just some major things within the novel that really got me thinking, I'm sure there will be many more. If you have any questions regarding the novel or this post, just leave a comment and I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Stay tuned :)


  1. Nice work! Very good! This was very insightful! Post more stuff! Do it! Love your blog! Go grace!