Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Individual Post 4

In this post I will be discussing characterization thus far in the novel. We have read over half of the book now, and there has been lots of characterization. Unlike my other posts, I will be writing this one in point form and go into detail with some of the more major characters.

Matt - From the beginning, Matt has been the protagonist of the story. We follow him on his journey of growing up. We learn about his quiet life in the house in the poppy fields under Celia's cautious, loving gaze that, in less than an instant, changed forever. We watch him grow as a character, not only physically but mentally. Farmer allows readers to see the side of Matt that is shielded from the rest of the characters. We see the brilliant minded, calm and collected, big-hearted young clone while everyone else in the novel sees him as a wild, filthy 'beast'. Excluding a select few characters of course.

Maria - Throughout the novel Maria has a played a big role. Since she is so close to Matt as a friend and possibly something more, we continuously learn more about her. So far, we have learned about her family, hometown, the diverse and insightful way she sees the world, and so much more. We even know the little things about her, like how she cries too much and how fond she is of her miniature dog, Furball. Maria is a round character without a doubt. Maria, with her big and caring heart, is a character that everyone is sure to love.

Celia - Although Matt was brought up in a cow, Celia is and will always be a mother-like figure to him. For a large bit of the novel, Celia was a flat character. That is until chapter 14 when we learn Celia's story. We lean that Celia is forever devoted to Matt and her love for him is unbreakable ever since El Patron saved her from becoming an eejit. Some people may consider Celia as a stalk character; the over-protective yet undeniably loving parental guardian of the protagonist, but I find her a character all of her own. Farmer has foreshadowed some mysterious plans and schemes Celia is brewing up. I guess I will have to continue reading to find out. Although she may seem fairly round, I can't help but think there is a mysterious side to Celia we haven't seen yet.

Tam Lin - I have to admit that when Tam Lin was first introduced, I though he was going to be a static and flat character that would simply act as Matt's mean ol' bodyguard, but he is so much more than that. As the plot unfolds, we meet the loyal, protective and surprisingly wise bodyguard from Scotland. It wasn't until later in chapter 17 that we learn about Tam Lin's dark past, making him even rounder of a character. Tam Lin may have never been educated, but he knows more than schools could ever teach him. He has a friendship with Matt that nothing else could compare to, and he understands him in a way that no one else could.

Thank you for reading :) Stay tuned, for more posts will be coming soon.

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