Friday, 3 May 2013

Individual Post 5

I will be focusing on narrative structure in this post. Farmer has included many little peaks of climax throughout the novel. Right from the beginning there has been jaw dropping and nail biting excitement at the turn of every page. As the plot unwinds, the action rises and falls, but I believe it can all be considered as rising action. Excluding the first chapter when Matt has not even been born and the second chapter that introduces his peaceful and non eventful life in Celia's small house in the poppy fields, which is the exposition. From this point further, the action of the novel takes a giant leap as you engulf into the confusion and terror of Matt's situation. I believe that Farmer chose this approach of writing to keep her readers interested when having such a complex and unique plot line. Although there has been some peaks of climax as I mentioned earlier, I don't believe the highest point in climax has been reached yet. There is still quite a large fragment of the novel remaining and with the plot twists that have occurred at ever turn of a page thus far, anything can happen. And when I say anything, I honestly mean it.
Something else that I found very intriguing was how Farmer decided to align the novel by Matt's ages. This was a very diverse and clever way to approach the novel that I have never seen before in any of the novels I've previously read. Although I must admit before reading the novel I was uncertain if this was the best choice for a fiction book, but after reading I learned that it was completely necessary. The exact age of Matt is very abstract throughout the novel, for it is not righteous for clones to celebrate and keep track of age as humans do, and having these categories helped me grasp a better understanding of how old he was. I was very curious when I found that the fifth and final part of the novel is not an age span, but a Spanish phrase. My curiosity of this led me to searching up the meaning of it, and I came to found that it means "New life". This phrase could mean so many different things and I'm very litspired to discover what it means to Matt's life and future.. if he even has one.

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