Sunday, 12 May 2013

Individual Post 8

In this post I will compare and contrast the protagonist of the film Gatteca to the protagonist in the book The House of the Scorpion. In Gatteca we are introduced to Vincent, a young man that was brought into the world the 'wrong way' with imperfect genetics that fulfils the identity of a perfect being named Jerrome. In the House of the Scorpion, the protagonist is a young boy named Matt, whom is the clone of powerful drug lord El Patron. In both of the stories the boys are faced with hardships and obstacles of being different from those around them. They are mistreated for many years of their lives and finally, through a series of plot twists and events, they learn that they are not as different and inferior to others as they were brainwashed to believe. Also, both Matt and Vincent have a very strong friendship with a wise and loyal being. Vincent's being Jerrome, and Matt's being Tam Lin. These two characters both end up committing suicide in the end, as well! Even after their deaths, they still impacted the lives of the protagonists greatly and ensure they have a bright, stable future ahead of them. I found this a very strong connection. *Spoiler alert* Another connection between the two characters is that in the end they both get what they wanted and rightfully deserved all along. All ends happily. Matt becomes the leader of Opium and becomes human, and Vincent travels to space, fulfilling his life long dream. Both stories had that type of feel good ending that leaves you sighing with relief.

Below is the link to the official movie trailer of Gatteca, and the cover of the movie! And you can find the book cover for The House of the Scorpion in my very first individual post.

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