Monday, 30 September 2013

The Whale Story ( Analysis )

With only reading the first few chapters of the novel The Whale Story, the author did a wonderful job of beginning the novel, painting a vivid image and really getting me interested. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind taking a trip to Chapters and buying the novel for myself. Already, the novel is rich with description. Tardif did a wonderful job of spending the perfect amount of time delving into the background and analyzing the main characters. The theme was still developing, but thus far I believe it is opening the door of change and welcoming it, no matter how hesitant you were about it previously. All in all, I quite enjoyed reading the begging of Tardi's piece.

The Sea Devil ( Analysis )

A story over-flowing with descriptive writing, an assortment of metaphors and similes, and depth meanings and messages. "The Sea Devil" is rich of suspense and action, which is basically the tone and theme of the piece. As the story unfolded and finally came to a close, I found that the theme was dropping into the shoes of the prey and feeling the fear they go through while being hunted.  The story had a bumpy story board, which means there were many peaks of action throughout. To me, the climax lasted very long. This was because the whole middle section of the story was packed with action.