Sunday, 27 October 2013

GINS Post 1

For my G.I.N.S, I chose the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. The novel I chose regards many pressing issues, but I have found that the main ones are human equality and discrimination.
Originally, I had chosen a novel that was on the list of options our teachers had supplied for this project. However, during the break, I had thought about the project and suddenly remembered a book my mom had told me about a few years back. I then asked her about it and deepened my understanding of the novel, discovering that it clearly related to a global issue and met all of the criteria for the project. My mother has always loved books and after hearing that it was most defiantly one of her favourite reads, I couldn't help but be drawn to it.

Discrimination and human equality are both major issues that are evident in our everyday lives. They come in all different shapes and sizes. I have not only learned or heard about them in school, but also in the real world. Many current events in the news and subjects of movies I have seen regard these two issues. I know that racial and cultural discrimination, which is mostly focused on in the novel, can be very crucial.

My goodness, I have so many questions. Thus far, the author has done a brilliant job of ending chapters with a perfect touch of foreshadowing and suspense, leaving readers, like me, hungry for more. I would like to know more about the background story of Amir's father, Baba, and what his wife, whom is Amir's mother, was like before she died. I would like to know where Hassan's mother is right now, and if she will ever return. Does she feel guilty for abandoning him and Ali? Does she ever wonder what her son is like? Or how he smiles or laughs or the way his eyes light up when Amir reads him stories? I would like to know what happens when "Afghanistan changes forever", and how Amir and Hassan's lives will change, as well? How does Amir end up living in San Francisco? Does Hassan stay with him over the years? I would even like to know the smallest of details, as well, such as if they will win the kite-running competition? And what is so significant about it that the author decided it to title the book after it?

One thing I absolutely adore about the novel thus far is the characters. Many characters have been introduced and delved into. We have met the two main characters, Amir and Hassan, and their fathers, Baba and Ali. Rahim Kan has been introduced as Baba's business partner and a fatherly-like figure to Amir when Baba isn't present. The author has briefly introduced us to Hassan's mother, whom left shortly after giving birth to him to run away with a group of singers and dancers, and Amir's mother, who sadly passed during his birth. We've also met Assef, the blonde-haired blue-eyed tormenter, and his two followers. These have been the major characters that have been introduced, and I am sure many more are about to come. Each and every one of these characters are vividly unique and add their own little spice to the story.

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