Thursday, 6 March 2014

GINS Post 8

This is a word art I designed and created for a powerful quotation from my Global Issues Novel Study novel, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini. The point of this assignment was to artistically explore the most compelling quote from our novels and draw/create a visual that would enhance it. I must admit that I struggled with choosing a quote, for I found countless pieces of writing that touched me throughout the novel. I finally decided to use the quote, "There is a way to be good again", which I found on pages 2, 192 and 226. I chose this quote because it connects to the deeper meaning of novel, and practically sums up the theme in just eight simple words. The quote is initially saying that no matter what has been done in the past, there is always a chance to re-build yourself and "be good again". This is something that the protagonist of the novel, Amir, discovers over time. Intentional choices within my visual that I made include the background, which is two kites soaring through a beautiful blue sky over miles of soft green grass. I chose to draw this because kite flying is a very important aspect of the novel and to the lives of Amir and Hassan -no matter what age. The design of the kites were also specifically chosen to mirror the description of the kites Amir and Hassan had during their childhoods. The light, summery blue sky reflects the hot, peaceful summers days Amir and Hassan spent when they were younger. It was a time of purity. It was a time when they were truly good. I wanted this tidbit of the word art to flashback to these simpler times, and how it is possible to reach them once again. As you can see the kites are collided and this was to portray the close bond of the two boys. The font of the quote was meant to make it appear professional, to show the significance of the words, and the word "good" was written in a different, more laid-back font and the colour pink to portray the innocence of the word within this specific piece.

Thank you for checking my word art out, and I encourage you to let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding this piece!

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